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  • Mingora Consult | NPD-Mingora SalesTrack

    NPD-MINGORA SALESTRACK® WHAT IS NPD-MINGORA SALESTRACK? SalesTrack® is the only weekly restaurant industry data report in the GCC – and now an industry standard. It is a continuous tracking tool to understand sales and transaction data trends of chain restaurants on a comparable store basis. SalesTrack® has been running for more than 30 years and includes markets such as US, Canada, Germany, France, UK, Spain, Austria. Now in UAE and KSA. 120,000+ stores report data weekly across the globe. 1500 in UAE and KSA. Participating chains provide their weekly same store sales and same store guest counts to NPD. NPD aggregates the individual participants information and reports consolidated trends back to participating chains. 1500+ Stores, 40+ Top Fast Food and Casual Dining Chains contributing data every week WEEKLY REPORT PRODUCTION Sunday to Saturday Stores are open and generate guest count and sales data Sunday to Tuesday Participating chains provide their results of the prior week to NPD based on a defined ‚data input sheet‘ Wednesday NPD collects missing data and validates the results, data is consolidated and reports generated Thursday Weekly reports will be available online for participants DATA INPUT SHEET Participating chains email a ‘data input sheet’ to NPD by Tuesday night 1 Same-store-Sales vs. Previous year 2 Same-store Tickets vs previous year 3 Number of restaurants ‚same store‘ 1 2 3 WEEKLY REPORT 1 Panel to select measures (Sales/Tickets) and time period (week vs YTD) 2 Chain Sales/Ticket Trends (anonymized) 3 Detailed segment size and trend information 4 8-Week-Trend lines for Sales, Ticket Counts and Average Ticket on a same store basis by segment 5 Participating Chains 1 2 3 4 5 Confidentiality: NPD certainly guarantees the confidentiality of your information. After your submission of the data, participants‘ data input will be anonymized and aggregated with the other participants data. ​ Setup of subsegments: The first objective for us is to launch a service for the chain restaurant industry as a whole. In case there is enough participants representing a specific segment in the market (such as Quick Service or Casual Dining), we gradually separate these segments to allow a view of the total market vs the closer competitors. QUESTIONS? +971 4 3116674 ​ REQUEST QUOTATION Inquiry Form

  • Mingora Consult | Advisory

    MINGORA ADVISORY RESTAURANT MARKETING ADVISORY Global Expansion and Growth Mingora sets the groundwork for brands to embark on global expansion plans particularly in developing markets. Brand Purpose and Positioning We put the consumer in charge in setting brand positioning that fills a market white space for the long term CMO Roles with ROI Focus Embedded CMO roles for short to medium term to set plans, teams and to provide interim cover. Consumer Research & Strategy Full gamut on consumer insights-led strategy development – based not on opinions but on real, actionable data. QUESTIONS? +971 4 3116674 ​ REQUEST QUOTATION Inquiry Form

  • Mingora Consult | Confirmation

    CONFIRMATION Thank you for your inquiry! A member of the team will contact you shortly. QUESTIONS? +971 4 3116674 ​ REQUEST QUOTATION Inquiry Form

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