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Foodservice Consumer Confidence Survey
KSA and UAE Feb 2023

A confidence survey of consumer optimism, economic anxiety, work situation and resultant behaviors in making restaurant and menu choices, drivers of purchase and strategies to deal with changes in prices


i. Restaurant Usage Frequency

ii. Overall Sentiment

  • Future financial situation

  • National optimism

  • WFH policies

  • Consumer expectations toward life activities

  • Future expected frequency of eating out

  • Out of home eating attitudes


iii. Pricing

  • Current price sentiment

  • Strategies to adapt to increased prices and lower incomes

  • Items being skipped by consumers


iv. Restaurant Usage Habits

  • Overall use of restaurants

  • Importance of inclusivity and health

  • Price sensitivity

  • Safety measures


v. Restaurant Choice Factors

  • Menu style

  • Pricing strategies

  • Sustainability and more


  • Data for The Food Panel UAE/KSA report has been collected through an Online Questionnaire sent to 1000+ registered panelists.

  • The Field Period is February 2023.

  • Panelists have been asked to report details about their eating habits, the way they plan to deal with changes in the food industry, their personal preferences on a variety of topics, and more.

  • The sample has been selected with a representative structure for the living population in UAE and KSA aged 18 to 55.

  • This representative structure includes age, gender and ethnicity.

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