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i. Sample

  • Restaurant Usage Frequency

  • WFH policies

  • National optimism

ii. Impact of Regional Conflict

  • Attitudes on happiness, diversity, life priorities

  • Giving up brands

  • Choice of restaurant due to shared values

  • Choice of restaurants due to country of origin

  • Viewpoint on local, independents


iii. Sustainability

  • What does Sustainability mean to people

  • Sustainability attitudes

  • Sustainability importance

  • vegan/vegetarian vs locally sourced

iv. Dealing with Price Increases

  • Price vs expectations

  • Top articles to cut/postpone/reduce

  • Strategies to spend smart in foodservice

  • Key strategies inside restaurants

  • Optimism about future financial situation

v. Restaurant Usage Habits

  • Overall use of restaurants

  • Importance of inclusivity and health

  • Price sensitivity

  • Safety measures


vi. Restaurant Choice Drivers

  • Menu style

  • Pricing strategies


  • Data for The Food Panel UAE/KSA report has been collected through an Online Questionnaire sent to 1000 registered panelists.

  • The Field Period is Feb 2024.

  • The survey also compared Nov-23 to Feb-23 periods where relevant

  • Panelists have been asked to report details about their eating habits, the way they plan to deal with changes in the food industry, their personal preferences on a variety of topics, and more.

  • The sample has been selected with a representative structure for the living population in UAE and KSA aged 18 to 55.

  • This representative structure includes age, gender and ethnicity.

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